The Canadian Beaver in 3D!

Claude Jalbert et Steeve Cadorette

The work to put our favorite characters in 3D has started! Still with the aim of making an animated film, we want to model all of our characters and do some animated sketches! The modeling and texture work are very long steps but which are crucial for realism.

Comic scriptwriter

Claude Jalbert et Steeve Cadorette

Did you know that when designing comics, a screenwriter is often called upon? Screenwriters are constantly collaborating with the illustrator, and it’s not unusual for them to team up for several years at a time! This type of writing develops characters that are often very outspoken, short dialogues and highly diversified situations and actions! The Canadian Beaver is an excellent example of a screenwriter/illustrator pair working together! Check out this link to find out about these adventures!

The birth of the Canadian Beaver

The year 2016 saw the birth of the character called the Canadian Beaver, an outstanding sculptor who’s sure to impress! Discover the adventures of Beaver and his friends in this book featuring a zany universe! This product was made entirely in Quebec and is looking to soon make its début on your TV screen! To purchase one of the books and encourage its creators, click on the following link:
You can also check out a video while we wait for our friend to appear on our screens! What’s more, you can follow him on Facebook and keep up with what’s new with him, since we’ll soon be announcing the release of our 3rd book next May!

The bikers!

Bizz bizz

The Bizz-Bizz, Black Honey and Killer-Bees are our ultra-dangerous criminal biker gangs! But sometimes, they like to look good in the story to help get Beaver’s gang out of deep trouble! Although these bikers look sinister, they are very friendly, and their actions sometimes save the day!

Who is the Canadian Beaver?

A talented sculptor, Beaver has won the competition at the Festival du Bûcheux de St-Pamphile several times, but one day, he loses the respect of his village when he carves a large nickel out of wood with his face on it and the monument falls into the Black River, carrying away the village dam. Banished, Beaver must flee and heads west without any real objective until he finds out about a provincial carving contest in Hull. He aims to triumph in the HULL woodcarving contest to win back his loved ones and restore his self-confidence after flooding their home. He wins the first contest and is pleased with this experience, so he decides to roam the country to win other contests along with his astonishing band of pals.